Why Alprazolam is cheaper than Xanax in online pharmacy?

alprazolam Vs XanaxAlprazolam is definitely cheaper than Xanax in both online pharmacies and brick and mortar stores. Alprazolam is often prescribed to treat anxiety and panic disorders. The primary reason is that Xanax is a brand name protected by a patent.

In a survey, it was determined that amongst generic and branded drugs in Canada the price parity between the two was almost four times. Xanax was way too expensive compared to generic alprazolam manufactured by different companies.

It was also determined that amongst all prescriptions filled in Canada in 2014, it was estimated that nearly two-thirds of the prescriptions were generic medicines. Nearly one million prescriptions in Canada contained generic names. This basically confirms the fact that most patients worldwide tend to prefer the generic brands over name brands.

What may be the reasons for one to choose generic Xanax over branded Xanax?

choosing generic XanaxAlthough both drugs contain the exact same composition of active ingredients (Alprazolam) the inactive ingredients may vary from one product to another.

For patients with extremely long medication periods, they generally tend to prefer generic drugs due to its cost-effectiveness. Moreover, the side-effects, recovery rates and the general reactions of Alprazolam in the body are very similar to Xanax.

For patients from the lower economic strata, generic cheap alprazolam makes more sense financially compared to branded Xanax. The patient experiences the exact same recovery as that available with Xanax and so if the therapy is meant for extended duration’s of time; it may be more economical for the patient to prefer generic drugs over branded names.

The online pharmacy is known to be ever-competitive. Online pharmacies compete with each other fiercely ensuring price accuracy. With generic drugs already priced cheaper, the consumer stands to gain in this price war being able to pick bargains associated with different alprazolam manufacturers.

Overall, it is considered a somewhat safe option to go with generic names. The generic drug manufacturers are subjected to stringent manufacturing processes ensuring top-notch quality of the product. It is basically an affordable and sustainable option for the not-so-rich.

What is the inherent difference between the generic and brand Xanax?

Generic Xanax have the exact same ingredients (the chemical compound in the drug that makes it work in the first place) as that of its branded counterpart. Xanax generic works in the exact same manner in the body. Besides the active ingredient alprazolam, both brand and generic tablets are often combined with non-active ingredients such as filters and preservatives which are much different from branded Xanax pill.

Both the branded and generic drug manufacturers of Xanax are required to follow the standards and protocols required for the good manufacturing practices code. This ensures that there is strong manufacturing quality, reliability, and consistency in the product.

When Alprazolam is approved for sale by the state health board, it generally means that the drug so marketed has adhered to the standards prescribed by the board. It generally means that the drug itself is safe and works exactly in the same manner as that of branded Xanax.